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Basic Guidelines to Date European Women

Although most people believe dating the old-fashioned way is always the best way to go, like most places in the world, online dating is becoming more and more popular in Europe, and dating apps more common among younger generations. Whichever method you choose to find your gorgeous European girl for dating or more serious relationships, understanding the European culture is a must before you dive in. Starting and maintaining a relationship is not easy, and date's being from another culture doesn't help. What might be considered polite, attractive or romantic in your culture might not be so in Europe. Although there are no set rules for dating, there are basic guidelines which you should follow to increase your chances of success.

European Girls Make Good Companions

European girls may not be the most romantic creatures on this planet, but they do make excellent companions, especially when traveling. They never get nervous, stressed out or angr y when something goes wrong and are good to have around in an emergency as they can stay calm.

European Girls Like Their Personal Space

Like in many western cultures, the European like their personal space and first encounters should be done with a handshake, whether you're a man or a woman. Don't go hugging her or attempting to kiss her on the cheeks (yet). When you've got to know each other a little better, a cheek-kiss is the norm – generally three kisses – as a greeting. Remember to always greet or say goodbye to her using her name, as this shows respect.

Personal space is not only important for normal acquaintances but also applies to relationships, so you should balance commitment with independence. It is perfectly normal to meet up only once every two weeks even if you live quite close to each other. Having personal space does not mean you can date several European girls at once (like in America) as this is not considered acceptable or normal in the European dating culture. As for intimacy, if you are getting some then that's a good sign as European girls only get intimate if they believe a relationship to be serious.

Being Independent

European women are used to looking after themselves and doing things on their own, and rarely ask men for help with small things of their daily lives. You may think she's being arrogant or rude but it's really just her independency. This does not mean you shouldn't be a gentleman and do small things like opening the door for her or taking her coat in a restaurant as they do want to be treated as a lady.

European Girls Like to Take it Slow

European women are known for not being the most talkative, outgoing or spontaneous when meeting someone they don't know for the first time. They are quiet and subtle people, preferring to take things slowly, so when you're chatting for the first time, make sure you don't spill your intimate personal stories or ask prying questions about her personal life. Keep these to when you've already had a few chats. And be warned – European ladies need time to engage in a serious and trusting relationship, so have some patience.

Meeting for the First Time

As European women are known to be reserved and conservative when it comes to dating, if you see a girl and don't make the first move, it may end up being a staring contest. As a result, it is recommended to start off going out in a group or going for a walk before diving into an official one-on-one date. European women expect men to take the initiative, which may make them feel distant, unapproachable and demanding, but with a little effort and patience, European girls have no problem opening up and make good talkers.

Punctuality is Vital

You must never be late to dates in Europe as it is a major turn-off to European girls. Make sure you arrive early as it is common for your beautiful European girl to turn up to 15 minutes early. You could say being early is not punctual but that's how it is.

Paying for the Date

Unlike in many other cultures, European girls don't expect you to pay for every date; it is common in Europe to share the bill without being considered ungentlemanly as they believe sharing the bill is a sign or respect and equality. However, you should try and offer to pay for the first one.

Where to Find European Singles

Thousands of single European beauties turn to online dating as they want to widen their range of choices when looking a life partner, so going online to find your hot European girl is the best way to go. However, as your communication must all go through your computer screen or mobile app, you must make good use of the online tools that the dating websites provide to increase your chances of attracting the right European women. Creating a good profile is the first essential step – you should take an attractive photo of yourself and fill in all your details with a unique personal description. If your profile is not up to scratch, you won't go a long way.

European girls may seem to be cold, formal and not the most open or talkative girls at first sight, but that's just because you haven't got to know her well enough. With a little bit of patience and effort, you will find that European girls do make good partners and excellent companions.

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