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Verified Success Stories from Real Users

From single to couple: Online dating success stories from people who took a chance on love.

I have been in a lot of online dating sites ever since. In my age instead of flirting around you only get energy for something serious and need to settle down.
That's why I chose this site in the first place. I like the site from its smooth and fast signing up process up to meeting different kinds of people. Plus, they have a wide range of people from different places and age groups. After a few days' search & talk, I found Olya. We have a lot in common and we never feel bored chatting everyday. We plan to meet each other in the near future. I'm looking forward to it.
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I am not quite into online dating because i still believe in traditional dating. However, with the current situation all around the globe, meeting someone new is not possible yet.
So, i just tried my luck with online dating and see if it really works for me. Well i am so glad i did because i met my soul mate Lena. She's all that I want. After chatting for 3 months, we believe we are meant for each other. Now she plans to move to my city and we're about to build a family.
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All You Need to Know About Russian Dating Culture

Russian dating is extremely popular online. People all over the world look for Russian precious women online before visiting this country. Now that traveling is limited, dating sites are the best places to meet girls from the Russia. You will be into these gorgeous girls as soon as you see their profile photos. However, they have much more to show apart from their beauty. The combination of stunning physical appearance and valuable personality traits doesn’t leave anyone immune. Before approaching wonderful girls on a Russian site, you need to learn various things about them. Having some information about Russian pretty women will help you start a conversation easily and be more enthusiastic about meeting these beautiful creatures!

Top Features of Russian Girls


Russian ladies are very confident! They are aware of their looks and qualities. You can feel the confidence of a Russian woman even before talking to her. She stands and walks with her head up, shakes hands firmly, and always keeps the eye contact! You may even feel intimidated by such confidence. However, the more you talk to her, the softer she will become. You will realize that she is confident but not arrogant. Russian girls encourage acceptance and self-love. Therefore, she will not look for flaws but encourage the virtues of other girls and herself. To date such a confident girl, you need to be brave. Remember that under that “indifferent” mask, there is a sensitive person. If you make your way to her feelings, you will discover everything that her initial cold behavior tries to hide.


To date Russian women, you need to respect their privacy and time they spend away from you. They are very ambitious so they like to pursue their dream careers; you should never be the one that will try to stop them from doing that! Russian women are strong so they need strong partners. If you try to control your girl, you will lose her! Rather than insisting on her change, you should accept her. Independence doesn’t mean that she is not devoted to you or that she will neglect you. It just means that she has other life plans that may not be related to you only. As a good partner, you should only support her when she puts her mind into something. One of the good things about dating an independent woman is that you won’t have to “carry her” through life. She won’t want you to. Instead, you can work together toward common goals.

Natural Beauty

You will rarely see a Russian girl with heavy makeup. They like to show their natural beauty and look sophisticated. However, Russian singles take care of themselves notably. Every girl from this country regularly gets beauty treatments, massages, goes to yoga or similar classes, etc. All those factors contribute to the gentle look of Russian girls. If you date a girl from the Russian region, you will notice that she will always be clean, smell nice and look neat! Hygiene is very important for women from this country. Consequently, they also like clean men! You cannot take her to dinner in dirty clothes or looking messy. If you do, you will disrespect the time she took to prepare for your date. She may even like you less!


In this country, it is very common to see couples with a significant age gap. Surprisingly, ladies are often the older ones in these relationships! Mature women love using the Russian dating sites to meet younger men. They find it very exciting and refreshing. Dating someone much younger has a rejuvenating power that these gorgeous women love. A young man can make a senior woman go through all the things she missed out in her life. In return, he can become more serious and mature. The fact the Russian people don’t mind about these differences makes such relationships even easier. If you date a woman that’s much older than you, barely anyone would judge you. Not having the pressure of society is relieving and encouraging. You can look for love in any person that matches your personality; regardless the age or any other differences.

Calming Approach

Russian girls are not as smiley as Western girls. They won’t smile for no reason, even if they are at the workplace. However, they are great listeners and conflict-solvers. A girl from a Western country may smile during the whole conversation but not suggest a solution to your problem. On the other hand, a Russian lady will appear serious but she will really care about what you are saying. She will get involved in your story and do her best to help you. This approach brings great results as it focuses on the problem-solving rather than kindness. Of course, that does not mean that your girl will not be kind to you. It simply means that she will not pretend to listen and care about what you say by smiling all along. Instead, she will listen carefully and approach the topic seriously, with a lot of dedication.

Russian Girls Like to Play Hard to Get

These beautiful women like to play hard to get! They like it when men work hard to get their attention and love. Therefore, some girls on a Russian dating site may seem disinterested or even mean! They will not fall for your compliments right away. Instead, these wonderful ladies will expect you to put a lot of effort into seducing them. For that reason, you should not give up quickly. When you really like someone, you will not get tired of proving it. The seduction game will be very interesting, in fact, and you will both enjoy it. The moment you sense that she started to develop feelings for you, you will feel extremely special! To get to that point, you must be patient. Find many little ways to get the affection of your loved one. Songs, letters, compliments, or deep conversations, they will all help you bond.

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