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Verified Success Stories from Real Users

From single to couple: Online dating success stories from people who took a chance on love.

After we matched, we talked nonstop for a few days. Then we kept on talking for about a month and got to know each other more.
She's gentle, patient and sometimes emotional. We both like movies, dogs and children. Three months later we met in person. My family didn't want me to try online dating at the very beginning, but they changed their mind after they met her. Now we live together and we're waiting for our first child. I'm so lucky!
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My last relationship was 4 years ago, after that I've been single and hard to start a new relationship.
One friend recommended this site to me, I didn't expect too much until I met Natalia. She's different from anyone I met before. She came to me first and open my closed heart. I believe in love again. We've been in love for 7 months and everything goes well. Both my friends and families feel happy for me. Thanks LoyalRomance for giving me help and support!
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Find Out the Truth About Ukrainian Women Dating

Ukrainian girls have been getting the attention of Western men for decades. Apart from the mesmerizing Slavic beauty, these ladies also attract by their personalities. Learning about girls from Ukraine will help you understand them and approach them better. It's always easier to talk to someone if you know at least something about them. While every girl has her unique traits and life story, there are certain factors that most women from Ukraine can relate to.

What Are Ukrainian Beauties Like?


Outfits and makeup of Ukrainian singles must always be on point. You will hardly see these girls roaming around looking messy. They take time to get ready every time they leave the house! However, they do not exaggerate either with makeup or clothes. Everything is always adjusted to the time of the day, occasion, etc. If you take her to the dinner, you will be proud of having a company like that to show off! She will carefully choose a matching outfit and you should too. It wouldn't be appropriate if you went out in a sports outfit while she looks like a Hollywood star! In Ukraine, girls have a sophisticated sense of fashion and they really like to see it in men too.

Educated & Intelligent

From a young age, parents encourage Ukrainian kids to study and pursue good careers. Thus, they are well-educated and very intelligent! When you go out with a clever, educated girl, you will have many topics to talk about. Someone who is informed about many things is easy-going and great for conversations. You can also learn a lot from them and exchange your views and experiences. The intelligence of Ukrainian beauties does not come only from education, though. They are naturally curious about all aspects of life. Therefore, your Ukrainian girl will surely know some interesting facts about your country that maybe you don't even know.


Family is the top priority of people in Ukraine. No matter how old they are, if they are married, in a relationship or single... Family always comes first! Girls from this country are very devoted to all family members, especially mothers. They do not distance themselves once they turn 18 and they do not forget about their families when they travel the world. To be successful at Ukrainian dating, you need to appreciate her family as well. Complimenting her mother and asking how she is often will surely give you special points! Also, do not miss a chance to get little gifts for her mother from time to time. For example, you could send her a respecting bouquet or some typical Ukrainian thing. You can ask your girl to help you with the gift to her mother and she will love it! Just like she is committed to the family she was born in, she will be committed to the family she forms with you. Moreover, the Ukrainian influence will make her children as devoted as she is and the traditional values will stay within your family!

Calm and Patient

You may need to do some extra thinking while dating a Ukrainian woman! They are typically very calm and avoid making scenes even if they are upset. At the beginning of your relationship, your girl may take some time to start expressing her feelings. Whether it's telling you how much she cares about you or saying why she is upset, she will need to get very comfortable with you before she starts sharing her opinion and feelings openly. The good thing about it is that you will not have dramatic arguments where you are both trying to prove your point. Instead, your conversations on sensitive matters will be calm. Of course, you need to make an effort as well. Do not insist too much if she tells you it may not be the right moment to talk about something. Give her time to reflect and do not pressure her. Ukrainian pretty girls are used to calmness so they don't like it when someone doesn't respect that.


You may not think that Ukrainian beautiful women are romantic when you first meet them. They actually seem a little cold. However, these girls are surprisingly romantic! They love romantic gestures so you will not make a mistake if you get very poetic with them! For example, writing a poem or a song may seem cheesy to some "modern" Western ladies. For Ukrainian ladies, it is a super romantic gesture they will never forget! The influence of Eastern European writers stayed within these girls so they dream of their romantic love stories. To show your girl that you are "the one", you don't have to pretend to be tough and hold your feelings in. Just tell her everything you like about her, everything you want to do with her, the places you want to visit and how you imagine your future together.

How to Date Ukrainian Girl?

Although Ukrainian sophisticated women like compliments and romance, you need to time these things perfectly. You cannot shower them with love on the first date. Therefore, take some time to get to know them.

Approach girls on a Ukrainian dating site directly, without any fear. They love confidence so sending a message along the lines, "You are beautiful" is totally okay. After she responds, go on with a normal conversation and keep in mind all the points from this article.

Respect the love for her family, be romantic, be classy and elegant, and stay patient! Gradually, you will not need any more tips on dating a girl that you met on a Ukrainian site. When you break the ice, these girls get very soft and easy-going. You will see that under the "ice queen" facade, there is a sensitive and romantic girl that will make you feel loved and appreciated! Becoming important to such a person should serve you as a confidence boost as well. They don't take people into their lives easily. Thus, when a wonderful Ukrainian lady grows feelings for you, you will know that you are special!

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